Everyone wants to feel special, and the gaming enthusiast is no different. Absolute Slots recognizes this most human of needs and provides players with the attention they deserve. For USA players, the royal treatment is exactly what is expected if you consider yourself a frequent customer or a high-roller. Like its casino counterparts, Absolute Slots looks to take advantage of the premium customer market.

Real casinos call the high-rollers “whales.” Absolute Slots uses the more endearing term “VIP.” For USA players, the choice of terms probably doesn’t mean much. What is important is the quality of service that can be afforded for customers who want a premium product.

Absolute Slots offers a number of VIP programs that are suited for USA players and others who plan on spending time and money at the online casino. For its premium membership, Absolute Slots identifies and welcomes all depositing customers (those have monetary accounts) as potential VIP’s.

The VIP Club essentially offers players a variety of additional benefits that are not available to the average player. Perhaps the best feature of the VIP Club is access to the comp system. For USA players that might not be familiar with casino comp systems, this is a process of rewarding frequent wagering with free amenities. It’s a kind of customer appreciation. Absolute Slots comp system comes in the form of points. The more a player plays and wagers on the various gambling games, the more points that are rewarded.

In conjunction with the comp system, there are various achievable levels within the VIP Club. The possible levels of attainment are in direct proportion to a player’s time and wagering at the casino. For USA players and others, the further one advances, the more lucrative the comp points they are awarded by Absolute Slots.

Comp points are not the only way that Absolute Slots rewards its VIP members. The VIP Club offers a number of other special rewards and bonuses. These include: Monday Match, where VIP players are rewarded up to $100 to play slots; Weekly Cashback, where VIP members receive a 25% cashback reward every week; and Weekend Slots, where VIP members receive up to $250 every weekend to play the slots. These are just a few of the programs that Absolute Slots offers VIP members.

One of the great features about VIP Club membership is that level movement, up or down, is not handled automatically by a computer. Instead, all player accounts are reviewed personally on a continual basis by account managers employed by Absolute Slots. For USA players and others who play on a consistent basis, there is movement up through the levels. The opposite is true for players that do not play consistently. I found this to be a really nice touch.

It’s clear that Absolute Slots understands the value of premium customers. This is welcomed news for USA players and others who show their appreciation for quality service by their return business. In true Vegas fashion, Absolute Slots continues the tradition of placing the customer first.